About - Sudeshna Banks


A late bloomer... I realize that I have been obsessed with photography as long as I can remember. My super-indulgent father got fed up with my messing around with his Rolleiflex TLR camera and decided to get me my own. So I had my first camera at age seven - an Agfa pinhole box camera. 

Technically, the camera reflects how the human eye works. The complex workings of the human eye and the messages it sends to the human brain direct how we see what is around us.

A photographer does just that - with his or her signature style...

I do not have a 'formal training' as a photographer .. following the Masters in the field (Thank you .. internet) and a few mentors, I have tried to find my 'photographer' self.

Thank you for visiting.

" The Camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."

Dorothea Lange (1895–1965)

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